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Welcome to NAPPTIVE

The Cloud-Native application platform

NAPPTIVE is the cloud-native application platform. We provide an integrated solution that can be used by any member of your organization including developers and non-technical users to deploy applications in modern infrastructures.

Save DevOps and Developer time by streamlining the operations around infrastructure:

  • Reduce deadtime waiting for clusters to be available
  • Reduce time spent installing and managing one-use infrastructure for your team members
  • Stop reusing Kubernetes namespaces
  • Easy integration with CI/CD tools
  • Work with isolated environments to accommodate your workloads: testing, developing, staging or production workloads
  • Avoid reusing namespaces with the self-service provisioning capabilities

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The platform maintains the low level API for use cases that require integrations with existing systems, or drill down operations, while providing a high-level abstraction for the day-to-day operations. Napptive saves DevOps time by consolidating the infrastructure and providing self-service methods to partition it. Developers save time by not having to wait for infrastructure to become available, and reduce their workload as they do not need to manage it.

Napptive is the best solution to bridge the gap between infrastructure and day-to-day development activities, with infrastructure becoming transparent for the majority of users, and applications becoming easier to understand and manage.

Welcome-screen Figure: Manage applications with ease

Start testing our Playground and join the cloud of the future.

  • Follow our Getting started to experience a new way to work with Cloud-Native applications.