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The Cloud-Native development platform

Napptive is a robust Internal Development Platform (IDP) designed to streamline the design, development, and upkeep of your cloud-native applications. We provide an integrated solution that can be used by any member of your organization including developers and non-technical users to deploy applications in modern infrastructures.

Save DevOps and Developer time by streamlining the operations around infrastructure:

  • Reduce deadtime waiting for clusters to be available
  • Reduce time spent installing and managing one-use infrastructure for your team members
  • Stop reusing Kubernetes namespaces
  • Easy integration with CI/CD tools
  • Work with isolated environments to accommodate your workloads: testing, developing, staging or production workloads
  • Avoid reusing namespaces with the self-service provisioning capabilities

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What does the Napptive Playground offer me?

At Napptive we believe in providing the best user experience ever, and we are working hard to provide that to our users. The main capabilities of the Playground are:

  • Multi-tenant: We offer a multi-tenant environment so a single cluster infrastructure can serve multiple users with all the security guarantees.
  • Security: Security is a key aspect of modern infrastructures, and we spend a lot of effort in providing you with a secure environment. The applications are yours, and other tenants will not have access to them.
  • Fast provisioning: Provisioning hardware takes time, and we have suffered it in the past. With our SaaS offering, you get environments as fast as you can type and press enter.
  • Simple application definitions: The playground supports the Open Application Model (OAM) by default, so you can easily deploy applications without requiring a deep knowledge of Kubernetes.
  • Application catalog: We provide an application catalog where you can quickly grab predefined applications and start using them immediately.
  • Bring your own cluster: Create your own private zones to deploy applications in your own infrastructure.
  • Amazing UI: We think about the user, and we focus on giving the best user experience by providing a new layer of understanding for modern cloud-native applications.
  • Compatible with the standard Kubernetes API: With the Playground you can still access the cluster using the standard Kubernetes API with kubectl or any programming library.

Napptive is the best solution to bridge the gap between infrastructure and day-to-day development activities, with infrastructure becoming transparent for the majority of users, and applications becoming easier to understand and manage.


Figure: Manage applications with ease

Start testing our Playground and join the cloud of the future.

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