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Getting started

The Napptive playground gives instant access to a OAM-ready kubernetes cluster that enables developers to deploy applications with OAM on a secure environment. Follow this guide to get started using Napptive.

Signup process

First you need to signup for the service. We leverage GitHub as the OAuth provider so we will not store or have access to any of your credentials. To start the process click on Sign in with Github now! Free of charge no questions asked. Check the Terms & Conditions of the service for more information.

You will be redirect to GitHub were you will be asked to authorize the Napptive Playground to have access to your name and email.

Authorize through GitHub

Once you authorize the application, you will be redirected to the playground web. If you have any problem, reach out so we can help you with the signup personally.

Welcome to the playground!


To use the NAPPTIVE playground, you will need the playground cli to interact with the playground from the CLI. Let’s proceed to install it!

Install Playground-CLI


  • Command curl installed.
  • Command su or sudo if the installation is performed by a user other than root.


$ curl -O && bash


playground installed into /usr/local/bin/ successfully.

* Playground installed successfully!  👌          *
*                                                 *
* By proceeding, you are accepting the NAPPTIVE   *
* terms and conditions                            *
*       *
*                                                 *
* You can visit our documentation page            *
* for more information *
* ENJOY!!!    👋                                  *

playground Cli will be installed in /usr/local/bin directory. It will be ready to be used!!

If you prefer, you can install it manually. Check the documentation here

Deploy the application

With all the tools ready, let’s deploy the application

  1. Login into the system

Even if your session is open on the browser, you need to login from the CLI using

$ playground login
Login success

Check that you can access the playground with any command, for example:

$ playground env info
Server version: v1.20.9-gke.1001 OAM: v0.2.1
CREATION_TIME                           CREATED_BY
2021-09-01 16:03:48.452752 +0000 UTC    username

ACCOUNT    ENV        CPU     RAM       STORAGE
account    env        0/1     0/4000    0/1000

environment description 
  1. Deploy the application. In the catalog you have many applications ready to be deployed. You can see the catalog documentation if you want to play with it, for this section, we are going to use drawio example.
$ playground catalog list
APP_ID                                 NAME
napptive/drawio:14.3.0                 Drawio

Deploy drawio application executing

$ playground catalog deploy napptive/drawio:14.3.0
Current environment: account/environment
SUCCESS    application [drawio] deployed

CREATED, Kind=Component "drawio" created, Kind=ApplicationConfiguration "drawio" created

$ playground apps
Current environment: account/environment
drawio    APP_OK

The deployment of the application may take a few seconds, so in the initial moment, it could be the case in which the status is not OK

If you go to the web UI, you will see that the application is also present with status information.

Application deployed

Is the application not running? Check more information deploying OAM applications or our FAQ.

To reach the web, just run the command bellow, and a browser with the application will be launched

$ playground apps open drawio

You can check the application detail executing the command bellow:

$playground apps info drawio
Current environment: account/environment
drawio    APP_OK

drawio       OK                  drawio-ingress, example-appconfig-trait

drawio       drawio-<your_username>

The INGRESSES show you the url where the application is served


To remove all the components and make space for other applications if needed:

$ playground apps delete drawio 
Current environment: account/environment
SUCCESS    application [drawio] removed

Detailed information can be found on the removing apps guide

What’s next