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At Napptive, we focus on providing developers with the tools they need to facilitate creating cloud-native applications in the simplest way possible. Our playground offers a multi-tenant OAM-ready solution to deploy applications, and it is free to try!

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An OAM-ready platform

The Open Application Model (OAM) is an application-centric specification that is cloud provider agnostic. This greatly improves the reusability of components and reduces the friction of moving applications in multi-cloud environments. The specification is based on defining a clear set of user personas and roles, and creating entities that match the expectation of each of them. In this way, developers are less exposed to infrastructure requirements, and infrastructure operators can provide better-fit solutions for the applications. Learn more on how we provide support for OAM applications in the Playground.

Kubernetes at heart

Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard to deploy distributed applications as it offers an extensible battle-tested orchestration engine with support from all major cloud providers. Within the Napptive Playground context, Kubernetes can be seen as the low-level layer that offers an orchestration system for containers with infrastructure specific features. In other words, it makes the container run reliably. With the OAM layer, we offer a simplified access layer to be able to deploy modern applications in Kubernetes with a reduced complexity level.

What does the Napptive Playground offer me?

At Napptive we believe in providing the best user experience ever, and we are working hard to provide that to our users. The main capabilities of the Playground are:

  • Multi-tenant: We offer a multi-tenant environment so a single cluster infrastructure can serve multiple users with all the security guarantees.
  • Security: Security is a key aspect of modern infrastructures, and we spend a lot of effort in providing you with a secure environment. The applications are yours, and other tenants will not have access to them.
  • Fast provisioning: Provisioning hardware takes time, and we have suffered it in the past. With our SaaS offering, you get environments as fast as you can type and press enter.
  • OAM support: The playground comes with OAM support by default, so you can deploy applications as quickly as possible without thinking about installing runtimes or extra tooling.
  • Application catalog: We provide an application catalog where you can quickly grab predefined applications and start using them immediately.
  • Amazing UI: We think about the user, and we focus on giving the best user experience by providing a new layer of understanding for modern cloud-native applications.

What’s next