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Startup apps

Learn how to deploy common applications in the Napptive playground.

  • Deploying Wordpress. One of the most used CMS.
  • Deploying MySQL (coming soon). One of the most used databases.
  • Deploying Gitea (coming soon). A code repository for all your projects.
  • Deploying Rocket Chat (coming soon). Communicate with your team.
  • Deploying Linshare (coming soon). Share files among your team.
  • Deploying Wekan (coming soon). A Kanban board for your projects.
  • Deploying Drawio. An online diagram software.

Advanced tutorials

  • Monitoring your cluster (coming soon). Discover how to monitor your cluster usage.
  • Deploying my own application (coming soon). Learn how to package and deploy your own application using OAM.

What’s next

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