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Selecting the active environment

To change between environments, use the top bar on the left-hand side, and select the target environment. Selecting or using an environment will give you access to manage the applications deployed in it.

Selecting an environment

Figure: Selecting an environment

Additionally, you can access the menu to:

  • Refresh data: To get the latest information on cluster usage.
  • Get Kubeconfig: Download the file that is needed to interact with the cluster using the standard kubectl tool. The resulting kubeconfig file will provide access to the selected environment.
  • Get the Playground CLI: Download the binary that gives you access to the napptive playground through the CLI and that is needed for the associated kubeconfig.

Environment menu

Figure: Environment menu

Selecting an environment using the CLI

To obtain the list of environments that are accessible by the logged user, execute:

playground env list
Current environment: account1/env1
*          account1    env1        <env1_id>    description environment 1
           account1    env2        <env2_id>    description environment 2
           account2    env3        <env3_id>    description environment 3

To select the active environment execute:

playground env use <account1>/<env2>
Logged into account [account1] - environment [env2]

Finally, you can access information about the current environment using:

playground env info <account>/<environment>
Server version: v1.20.9-gke.1001 OAM: v0.2.1
CREATION_TIME                           CREATED_BY
2021-09-01 16:03:48.452752 +0000 UTC    <username>

ACCOUNT    ENV              CPU     RAM       STORAGE
<account>  <environment>    0/1     0/4000    0/1000

environment description