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Delete schematics from the system

Deleting schematics from the system enables you to clean up your managed entities. Notice that deleting a schematic may not remove the running application. Follow the guide to remove running applications.

Warning We do not recommend deleting components without removing the application first. In some situations, you may not be able to delete the application configuration. If you have done this by mistake, recreate the component and proceed to delete the application.


  • Playground tools are installed (kubectl & playground)
  • A napptive-kubeconfig file is available
playground login
Login success
playground get-kubeconfig

Use this kubeconfig to connect to the cluster and deploy applications:
kubectl --kubeconfig <napptive-kubeconfig> ...

Deleting schematics

To delete any schematic that you have added to the system, use kubectl:

kubectl --kubeconfig <path_to>/napptive-kubeconfig delete drawio "drawio" deleted

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