OAM Definitions

Definitions refer to Open Application Model entities that can be reused to build different applications. There are four major types of definitions that are used as part of the application definition: ComponentDefinition, TraitDefinition, PolicyDefinition, and WorkflowStepDefinition. The system has built-in support for many entities that cover standard use cases. However, it is possible to add your own definitions to an environment being able to refer to those from the applications deployed on them.

For more information about definitions:

  • Component definitions: Types of components that can be used when defining an application. Each component can establish a different mapping between OAM and Kubernetes entities during the generation phase.
  • Trait definitions: Traits are used to augment or modify the behavior of a given component. Each trait focuses on a different aspect of the component including replication, ingress generation, etc.
  • Policy definitions: Policies define application-level behaviors that are to be applied to all components.
  • WorkflowStep definitions: A workflow can be associated with an application to define the way in which it should be deployed. Workflow steps are the building blocks that define the different stages.

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