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Built-in component types

The platform provides built-in support for the following component definitions. You may use any of the component definitions by setting the type component field with the name of the component definition, and populating its properties.

Component Type Description
Webservice A webservice component describes long-running, scalable, containerized services that have a network endpoint attached to it. Notice that the service enables component-to-component communication.
Worker A worker component describes long-running, scalable, containerized services that may connect to other services but DO NOT expose a network endpoint to accept incoming traffic.
Stateful service A statefulservice component describes long-running, scalable application with guarantees about the ordering and uniqueness of the replicas.
Cron Task A periodic scheduled task that will create a job.
Task Describes jobs that run code or a script to completion.
Config image registry Create the entities required to pull images from a private registry.
K8s Object Use this component for backward compatibility being able to define components using raw K8s objects in properties.
Helm Use this component to deploy Helm charts as part of an application.
Deploy git app Use this component to deploy an application from a Git repository

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