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Account management

An account can be shared by multiple users so that they can collaborate on the existing environments. All users of the account will have access to the environments. To manage the account make sure to have an administrator role which by default is associated with the first user that created the account.

List your accounts

Obtain a list of your accounts executing:

playground account list
ACCOUNT ID              NAME
<account1_id>           <account1_name>
<account2_id>           <account2_name>

Check the account info

Get detailed information about the account

playground account info <account_name>
ACCOUNT         ID              PLAN
<account_name > <account_id>    <PLAN>

Account quota (used/available):
CPU     MEM(MB)       STORAGE (MB)
1/4     4000/16000    1000/5000

ENV         ID          CPU     RAM       STORAGE
<env1>      <env1_od>   0/1     0/4000    0/1000

USERNAME        FULL_NAME         EMAIL               ROLE
<username1>     <user Full Name>  ADMIN

Invite to other users to your account

All administrators of an account can invite other users into the account.

  • The new user will have different roles in the account (admin or member).
  • The new user must be signed in napptive platform (exist in the platform)
  • The new user must no longer belong to the account
playground account user invite --help
Invite a user in an account

  playground account user invite <username> <role> [flags]


$ playground account user invite <username> member
playground account user invite <username> member
SUCCESS    User invited successfully

Remove users from your account

Remove a user from an account. This operation can execute admin members only

playground account user remove <username>
SUCCESS    User removed successfully

Change the role of the users in your account

Each user has a role in the account, and one administrator user can change the role of the other users.

Change the role executing:

playground account user change-role <username> admin
SUCCESS    Role changed successfully