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The following operations are available through the CLI related to application management.

Deploying an application

To deploy an application from a local file or directory use:

playground apps deploy <path_to_drawio_files> 
SUCCESS    application [<app_name>] deployed

CREATED, Kind=Application "<app_name>" created

Listing deployed applications

Obtain a list of running applications in your current environment with:

playground apps
NAME          STATUS
app1          RUNNING
app2          WARNING

To retrieve the list of applications that are deployed in all environments you have access to, use:

playground apps --all-environments
ENV               NAME         STATUS
account2/env1     app1         RUNNING
account2/env1     app2         RUNNING
account1/env1     app3         RUNNING

The listing can be also restricted to a selected account with:

playground apps --account=<selected_account>
ENV                               NAME         STATUS
<selected_account>/<env_name>     app1         RUNNING

Inspecting the application

Information about an application can be obtained with the info command:

playground app info <application_name>
Target environment: <account_name>/<environment>
NAME                  STATUS
<application_name>    RUNNING

comp1        RUNNING              napptive-ingress

comp1        <ingress_name>-<your_environment_id>  

Application logs

To retrieve logs from an application use:

playground apps logs <appName> 
[comp-1-864b6b49-f47l8]    [comp-1]    2021-04-20T19:12:09.401703900Z 2021-04-20 19:12:09+00:00 Sample application log

This command will actively stream all the logs coming from the application, use CTRL+C to stop receiving logs. A detailed guide on application logs is available describing how to obtain application and component logs.

Application endpoints

Applications may expose public endpoints, to navigate to those either request the information using:

playground app info <application_name>
<component_name>     <ingress_name>-<your_environment_id>

And navigate to `` or just use:

playground app open <application_name>

This will launch the default browser for each of the application endpoints.

Removing an application

The simplest way to remove an application is using the playground command with:

playground apps delete <application_name> 

Waiting for an application to start

The CLI offers a method to wait for an application to start. This can be really useful when issuing several commands in a script, or just to wait before opening the application endpoints. The following command waits for the application status to become Ok.

playground apps wait <application_name> 

For applications that take time in the internal booting process it is possible to wait for a specific entry in the log to contain a string.

playground apps wait <application_name> --logContains="<string to match>"