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Open Application Model

The CLI offers several commands to work with available Open Application Model definitions. This definitions can be reused in your applications to define it and extend its capabilities.

All the following commands can be used on all OAM definitions: component, trait, policy, workflowstep, and scope. Notice that definitions are provided by default by the system, but can also be added manually to an environment. Therefore, commands related to listing or retrieving information can contain both types.

Listing definitions

To list the definitions use:

playground def <definition_type> list
Target environment: <account_name>/<environment_name>
NAME               DEFINITION                       SYSTEM
<type_name>        <description>                    YES

where the SYSTEM column determines if the definition is provided by default by the system, or it is associated with an environment.

Adding a custom definition

To add a custom definition for a component, trait, workflowstep, or any other type of definition to a selected environment, use:

playground def <definition_type> create <custom_definition_path>
Target environment: <account_name>/<environment_name>
SUCCESS    <component_type> [<definition_name>] added

Removing a custom definition

To remove a custom definition use:

playground def <definition_type> delete <definition_name>
Target environment: <account_name>/<environment_name>
SUCCESS    <definition_type> removed