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Deploying Drawio

In this tutorial you will learn how to deploy Drawio (formerly Diagramly) which is a free online diagram software.



  • A playground account. Follow the Signup process if you would like to create one.

Deploy the application using the Web UI

To deploy the application, click on the upper left corner Catalog icon to open the catalog window.

Catalog summary

Navigate to the Drawio application in the napptive namespace and click on Deploy, select the target environment and deploy the application.

Deploy drawio from catalog

After that, select the application and open the public endpoint.

Open Drawio

Deploy the application using the CLI

To deploy the application with the CLI, first request a list of the catalog using:

playground catalog list napptive

APPLICATION                            NAME
napptive/aurora-files:9.0.1            Aurora Files. Storage platform
napptive/drawio:14.3.0                 Drawio
napptive/drawio:17.2.4                 Drawio
napptive/excalidraw:sha-4bfc5bb        Excalidraw

Copy the application name including the version and execute

playground catalog deploy napptive/drawio:17.2.4

Then get information about the application with:

playground apps info drawio
Target environment: <account>/<environment_name>
drawio    RUNNING

drawio       RUNNING              napptive-ingress

drawio       drawio-<env_id>

And once it is running open the public endpoint either copying the url or using

playground apps open drawio

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