NAPPTIVE GitHub Actions

Integrating the platform with CI/CD systems is a key feature to satisfy a modern development application lifecycle. A set of GitHub Actions are already available to speedup the integration of CI/CD pipelines to execute tests on the platform. The platform in this aspect offers a way to create dynamic on-demand environments so that tests can be run in an isolated environment without requiring installing any extra infrastructure. Once the tests are finished, the resources can be easily reclaimed.


To interact with the platform from scripts and third party systems, you will need to create a Personal Access Token so that the client can be authenticated. After that, store this value in an GitHub secret so that the actions and associated pipelines can use it. For more information, check the action documentation.

GitHub Actions

Action Description
playground-github-action The playground action allows you to execute any command from the playground CLI. Use this action to manage environments, orchestrate deployment, etc.
catalog-deploy-action This action allows you to deploy an application from the catalog. Use this action to deploy the application under tests, a testing backend, or to deploy the application in production once the tests pass.
catalog-push-action This action allows you to push a new application to the catalog. Use this action to publish application revisions for testing, or new releases for production workloads.

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