What is a zone?

Zones represent physical locations around the world where you can deploy your applications. Each environment in your account will be associated with a zone that will determine where the application is going to be deployed. Selecting a zone that is closer to the expected end users will improve its performance for final users as latency will be reduced. With your Napptive subscription, you can use any combination of public zones to create your environments, making it possible for a single account to effectively deploy applications in multiple geographical sites. In terms of how the application is deployed, all component of the application are deployed in an environment, which is associated with a zone. Partial or replicated zone deployments are not supported.

Zone architecture Figure: Zone architecture

A default zone will be associated with your account during signup, but you can change the default zone any time. Default zones will be used when creating environments with the CLI when no zone is specified. Some subscriptions allow you to add private zones to your account, so you can use Napptive as a control plane to deploy applications in your own infrastructure.

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