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Deploying applications using YAML files

To deploy an application from a set of YAML files, click on the Deploy app button and select “YAML Deploy”. A screen will be shown where you can directly enter the YAML content.

Deploy from YAML

After that, an editor will be shown, where you can write the contents of the YAML files with the entities to be created separated by ---. Alternatively, you can click on “Load from clipboard” to paste content directly from the system clipboard; “Load from file” to select files from your local drive to upload, or you can just drag-and-drop the files in the text editor.

As an example, copy the following basic application and paste the contents on the editor.

kind: Application
  name: my-first-app
    - name: express-server-webservice
      type: webservice
        image: crccheck/hello-world
        cpu: "50m"
        memory: "100M"
          - port: 8000
            expose: true

If you want to expose the endpoint to the outside, use the ingress trait.