CPU Scaler

The cpuscaler trait provides a mechanism to dynamically change the number of replicas of a given component based on the CPU utilization. This is useful for components that exhibit timely patterns in their workloads (e.g., processing pipelines, user-facing components, etc.).

The following snippet contains an example to dynamically scale a component between 1 and 3 replicas depending on the CPU utilization of the replicas and a given threshold.

apiVersion: core.oam.dev/v1beta1
kind: Application
  name:  my-app
    version: "v0.0.1"
    description: "My cpuscaler application"
    - name: my-component
      type: worker
        image: my-app-image:v1.0.0
        cmd: ["cmd"]     
        cpu: "0.25"
        memory: "200Mi"
        - type: cpuscaler # Set to cpuscaler
            min: 1 # (Required) minimal number of replicas to which the autoscaler can scale down. 1 by default
            max: 3 # (Required) maximum number of of replicas to which the autoscaler can scale up. 10 by default
            cpuUtil: 10 # (Required) average CPU utilization. 50% by defaults